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Perfect storage/retrieval system
for the busy on the move professional person

Personnel Edition
(PE)V1.0 2008
Perfect storage/retrieval system for the busy on the move professional person

Continuous Personal and Professional Development

To assist Health professionals and students expand their knowledge and skills within the NHS by recording and critique/analzing data.


Help with register/login and using the program.


  • Critcal incident log - effectively record good and bad experiences that can be analized for positive outcomes for future practice.
  • Supervison log - effectively record supervision time with supervisor.
  • Objectives log - Prompted by the SMART formula to help you formulate pratical and efective objectives for achieveing to design and create a clear and positive action plan for perdonal and clinical development.
  • Workshops/Seminars/visits log - effectively record all training courses you have attended.
  • Agencies log - effectively record all visits to organisations/agencies.
  • Diary log - effectively record your reflections on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Program runs when not on the internet - for those times when internet is not available, the CPD program can be downloaded onto your hard drive of your computer. When data isput into the program can easily be put on a USB stick or uploaded to your data space on outr deluxe secure server.

All the inputed l information is at hand 24/7 no matter where you are - all you need is internet access and a computer.

Data completely secure and safe - only you have access to your information - Password encrytion.

Keep the information up-to-date which is useful to you to demonstrate your competencies.

Print information on paper if you chose to put the information in an already created paper portfolio.

Make your porfolio electronically (you chose what information you put in the portfolio - collect the data fromthe 'CPD program' - no need to print out on paper - send the portfolio to who ever needs to assess your development by e-mail.


 Best news of all the introdutory program Personal Edition V1.0 is free for use (no cost) just register and you are ready to go.